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Personal Development

At Colne Valley High School, behaviour management is referred to as ‘Personal Development’ because everything is about learning and developing as a personThis extends to beyond the classroom and includes all aspects of academy life, which creates our culture for learning.
The Behaviour Management Policy at Colne Valley High School is a statement of good practice that covers all aspects of the Academy that contribute to the development and maintenance of good behaviour and a positive ethos.  

 All students are expected and encouraged to make the positive choices regarding their behaviour according to our values and hence develop as responsible, caring individuals who co-operate with each other in a disciplined, tolerant and respectful manner. This will be created by: 

  • promoting positive behaviour and self-discipline 
  • promoting self-esteem, self-discipline and a respectful regard for authority and positive relationships based on mutual respect 
  • ensuring fair treatment for all 
  • encouraging consistency of response to both positive and negative behaviour 
  • promoting early intervention 
  • providing a safe environment free from disruption, violence, discrimination, bullying or any form of harassment.
  • encouraging a positive relationship with parents/carers and other stakeholders to develop a shared approach involving all parties in the implementation of this policy and procedures. 
  • working with outside agencies, as appropriate.
  • modelling and reinforcing our values (RITA)

This policy has detailed procedures which all staff, students and parents are expected to implement consistently to enable the Academy to operate efficiently, effectively and safely, creating a caring learning environment (See Behaviour Management Procedures).

A copy of policies and procedures relating to this area can be downloaded below:

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