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Our School Day

Daily overview

For teachers, the formal school day begins at 8.30 am with planned briefing and updates. Students report to their Form Group at 8.40am, ready for morning registration at 8.45am.

Time Daily routine
8.30 am Staff briefings
8.40 am Period 1
9.40 am Period 2 (with morning break detailed below)
10.55 am Form Group tutor period or weekly assembly
11.25 am Period 3
12.25 pm Period 4 (with lunch detailed below)
2.10 pm Period 5 (including afternoon registration)
3.10 pm End of Period 5

Break and lunch time arrangements

Students take a 15 min break between 9.40 and 10.55am. Each year group takes a break at a set time during Period 2.  This ensures students have plenty time to socialise with their year group and to visit the restaurant to buy a morning snack and drink if they wish.

Students take a 35 min lunch break between 12.25 and 2.10pm. Each year group has a set time for lunch and use of the restaurant.  This reduces queuing time and makes for a calm and relaxed social time for students from the same year group to eat together.

Before school starts


Students are encourage to arrive for school in good time.  We know that many of our students, and parents / carers, appreciate the opportunity to youngsters to have first or second breakfast in readiness for the day ahead.  

Breakfast club operates from 8.00am and all students are welcome to arrive in time to join us.

Early bird learning

For Key Stage 4 students, we run additional classes over the school year.  These are intervention classes intended to support students in key subject areas. The classes start from 8.00am.

At the end of the school day

At the end of the school day students can continue learning in a range of ways, including through our Extra-curricular programme. This programme includes opportunities for

  • homework club
  • sport,
  • performing arts,
  • music and
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award.


When students receive a C3 or C4 sanction as part of our Behaviour for Learning programme, they attend a 30 min or 60 min detention respectively, after school.