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Your feedback

Please use this link to complete the CVHS Parent Feedback Survey.

We believe school brings out the best in students when we work closely with parents / carers. Strong relationships ensure students feel secure, confident and ambitious in their own academic and personal development.

Strong relationships are built on trust and understanding which, in turn come about through clear, consistent and open communication.  We are keen to hear your views, and those of students, on how well we are doing in communicating with you - and how we can do so even better.

Student Voice

Year 10 Student Voice 

Click this link to complete the Year 10 survey.

There is a wide range of opportunities for the voice of students to be heard informally through everyday contact with Form Tutors and within subject learning.  Students have representatives on School Parliament which meets half termly and discusses a wide range of issues of direct relevance to them.  In addition, from September 2017, all students will be asked for their views, using questions based on the OFSTED questionnaire. The questions used will be supplemented by additional ones suggested by School Parliament and staff of relevance to each year group. Student voice for each year group is invited prior to their respective parents' evening enabling feedback to be collated and shared in advance.

Feedback Fortnight

Half Term

Week no

Feedback Focus


01/10/18 – 12/10/18


5/ 6


Year 7 link

15/10/18 - 26/10/18




Year 10 link

07/01/19 - 18/01/19




Year 11 link

21/01/19 - 01/02/19




Year 9 link

04/03/19 - 15/03/19




Year 8 link

Parent Voice

If you are a parent / carer of a student at CVHS please let us know what you think about the quality of education we are providing, and share ideas of what we can do to improve.

Please use this link to complete the CVHS Parent Feedback Survey.

The following opportunities will be used to gather parents / carers' views  Improving communication with parents is a priority. Two way communication will allow us to feedback student views whilst also listening to the views of parents about how effectively we communicate with them and let them know about their child's educational provision, opportunities, academic progress and personal development. Parents / Carers are also encourage to share their views via the OFSTED Parent View website.