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Information for New Students (September 2018)


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Welcome to CVHS letter (students) - 6th March 2018

Welcome to CVHS letter (parents) - 6th March 2018

Data collection sheet letter - 18th April 2018 ( to be returned to school ASAP please)

Transition details letter (parents) - 10th July 2018

Marsden transition details letter (parents) - 10th July 2018

Information Sheets 

The documents below provide basic information if you are a parent / carer of a student new to our school.  To view the document click on the title.

Term Dates 2018/2019

School Uniform - 2018

Frequently Asked Questions about starting at CVHS - 2018

School Uniform


School Uniform

We strongly believe that impeccable school uniform represents the commitment necessary to underpin high standards of behaviour and self-discipline.  These strengths in turn support self-respect and self-esteem.  It clearly shows the local community, colleges and local employers that Colne Valley is a school with the highest standards and expectation of its students, and that our students understand the demands and expectations of the world of work and how this differs from the way they dress for their social life outside of school.  We also feel that these developments in our uniform policy represent fairness and equality for all of our students, whilst ensuring our expectations are clear, removing any ambiguity. 

The attached booklet details the cost of the new uniform, compared with the existing uniform, demonstrating that the cost difference is marginal.  The new school uniform will be manufactured to the highest standards and will only be available from local, approved suppliers.  

Should you require any further information relating to the changes enclosed within this booklet, please do not hesitate to contact myself of any member of the senior team. 

School Uniform 2018

Mr J Christian, Principal