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Behaviour Policy UpdateAKa

Following on from my letter at the end of March, I am writing to share with you some of the developments that I delivered to your child in recent assemblies and communicate these with you so that we continue to work together to give your son/daughter the best possible experience during their time at Colne Valley High School.

I have been very impressed with the behaviour and conduct of the vast majority of our students. Students, staff and external visitors have all been extremely complimentary about the ‘feeling’ of calmness around our school.  In addition, we have seen improvements in attendance and a reduction in exclusions and classroom consequences.

We are renaming our behaviour team and system from ‘Behaviour for Learning’ to ‘Personal Development’ to reflect the purpose of this system; we are here to help our students develop, not to merely sanction.

I hope that this information maintains your continued support to improve standards and, in turn, assist us to improve your child’s experience at Colne Valley High School.


As we move into the new academic year, this will continue to be a significant focus. Simply put, if your child is not in school they cannot learn. Our target for attendance is 96% and as students fall below this, we will do all we can to try and intervene. Please do not be offended if we contact you about attendance, we want the best for your child too.


Period 1 starts at 8.40am promptly. Please do all you can to ensure that your child arrives on time and is punctual so that learning can start at 8.40am.  A late mark will be given as soon as the bell has gone to start the day. As we have discussed with students, if you are 30 seconds late for the train, you miss it.  Students will be given two opportunities where a ‘late’ is recorded but not sanctioned to account for anomalies but on the third occasion they will receive a late detention. No student will be marked late if travelling on a school bus which arrives after the bell.


Uniform expectations continue to remain the same as previous and details can be found on both the website and in your child’s planner. Please support us by ensuring that your child is in full uniform. Students who are not in full uniform will be provided with spare uniform where possible and are expected to wear this to maintain the high standards around school. Skirt length should be of an appropriate length (a rough guide would be approximately 3-4 inches above the knee) and this is to ensure that students are not placed in a vulnerable position when seated / travelling upstairs etc. School may explore the mandatory wearing of trousers if skirt length persists in being an issue.

From September:

  • One set of studded earrings may be worn in the ear lobes but no further piercings will be allowed(e.g. nose piercings).
  • Accessories (e.g. nails) and make-up should be subtle and natural looking.
  • Hair styles must be of a natural colour and style.


Students will only be placed in detention if they choose not to meet the expectations of the school. For the minority of students who fail to comply with the school’s code of conduct we will continue to run an after-school detention facility. From September, all detentions will be one hour long in duration.  Students who fail to attend detention, without a good reason, will be placed in a two-hour detention the following night. This is a deterrent to ensure that sanctions are completed; no child will be made to sit a two-hour detention without good reason.

Bags and equipment

Students must bring with them a full set of equipment required to take part in lessons. All students are expected to bring a suitable sized bag which will hold their equipment and books throughout the day.  “Man bags” (small satchel type bags) are not allowed in school as they do not provide adequate storage and portray a negative image for learning.


As I am sure you are aware, this is the system used to record all behaviours in school. A leaflet has been posted home which gives your child’s unique access code to allow you to create an account to monitor your child’s behaviour in school. This will improve communication with school, allowing you to see a real-time feed of the positive work and rewards your child receives and allow you to see any negative behaviours in addition to this, giving you the full picture of your child’s behaviour in school.

Student travel arrangements

Please support the school in maintaining a safe environment by dropping students off outside of the school site in the morning when travelling by car.  

Thank you once again in anticipation of your continued support.

Mr A Kay

Vice Principal - Behaviour and Achievement