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Guidance on school closure due to adverse weather

Now we are being warned of colder weather ahead, I would like to remind you about how we deal JChwith any severe weather, especially ice and snow, which may affect our school.

On any given day, I as Principal, will make an assessment about whether it is safe and practical to open the school to pupils. This decision will be made early in the morning, in enough time to inform you if we are to close. The decision will be based upon the conditions of the roads in and around our school, the ability for parents and pupils to safely make the journey to school and the number of school staff that can safely make the journey to school.

If the weather is bad, but not severe enough to close the school, we will send a text message to advise that your child needs to wear appropriate footwear on their way in to school.

If the school has to close due to severe weather: 

  • You will be informed by a text message from school. This message will arrive as early as possible so that parents can make alternative arrangements for that day. 
  • It will be reported on our school website and the council website, 
  • Closure information will also be shared with the local radio and television stations for them to use as they wish in their bulletins. 
  • You can check on weather and gritting updates at or follow them on 
  • If necessary, we will arrange for the school buses to arrive earlier for children who usually get the school bus, please inform us if there will not be anyone at home and we will keep your child in school, until further arrangements can be made.

Please be assured that I can only make the decision to close our school in exceptional circumstances where the safety of your child and staff are the primary concern. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Mr J Christian