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Principal's Letter to Parent

3rd October 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

I am delighted to report that our 2017 GCSE Results show a positive ‘progress score’, demonstrating significantly improved results for our students. This means that students at Colne Valley High School performed better than similar students nationally.

‘Progress scores’ aim to capture the progress a student makes from the end of primary school to the end of secondary school. The score compares CVHS results to those of other students nationally with the same prior attainment.  We received our provisional ‘progress score’ last week which places us around +0.03, a significant improvement from -0.51 in 2016 and further confirmation of the significant improvements being made at Colne Valley High School.  This result indicates that we have improved student outcomes at GCSE, on average, by half a grade per student, per subject, placing us towards the top of the ‘Most Improved’ league tables nationally (these are still waiting to be published).  In particular, I would like to acknowledge the improvements made in Mathematics, with students performing much better than similar students nationally. The progress made in Mathematics over the course of a year is phenomenal!

We have requested that 40 examination papers be remarked and of the results returned so far, the vast majority of students have been awarded a higher grade. This has had a huge impact for some students, who since being awarded a higher grade have gained access to their preferred course at college and/or means they don’t have to re-sit the exam at a later date.

Following our OFSTED inspection in June, I wrote to you explaining that the 2016 GCSE Results, along with the negative ‘progress score’, capped the school’s ability to achieve a ‘Good’ rating. I believe that these excellent results would now give us the opportunity to achieve ‘Good’.

I do believe that the success of any school is not solely based on GCSE results, however, students need these results to allow them to access the next steps in their chosen direction whether that be further education, employment or training. At this moment in time, 99% of our 2016-17 cohort have successfully started at their chosen post-16 destination.

We believe the opportunity to experience the world of work is invaluable and last year we re-introduced work experience which contributed hugely to the excellent GCSE results, as the experience focussed students on their post-16 destinations and the results they would need to get them there. Our current Year 11 embark upon their work experience this week, with many working in businesses within the local community. I wish them the best of luck and encourage them all to take full advantage of this valuable opportunity.

I have spoken with a lot of parents / carers since the start of the year and the level of support has been exceptional. It has become very clear that there is a huge support network in the Community that wishes to work with the school to improve the experiences for our students. Please contact us using the email address if you want to discuss ways in which we can work together.

On Thursday 5th October we hold our annual Open Evening, during which we open up our school to prospective students and their parents.  The school will be open from 6.00pm to 9.00pm, so please feel free drop in and explore the school, speak to staff and students, and experience the sense of pride and positivity held by everyone involved with our school.

Thank you for your ongoing support; together we are stronger.

Yours sincerely

J.S. Christian (Mr)