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Principal's latest letter to parents

2nd April 2019

Dear Parent / Carer

New Year 7 is full with a waiting list!

I take enormous pleasure in informing you that our new Year 7 cohort, starting September 2019 is full, we have a waiting list with some families appealing to secure a place at our school.  This is a fantastic achievement and I would like to acknowledge your support which is clearly having a huge impact on other members of our community.  I am proud to think our school has become the most popular of choices in our local area.

Year 11 Parents/Carers encouraged to contact staff

As our Year 11 cohort approaches their GCSE examinations, I want to encourage all Year 11 Parents/Carers to make as much contact with their subject teachers as they feel necessary.  Please do not worry about ‘hassling’! They get one chance, let’s work together to ensure we get them the best outcomes possible.  I would like to thank the Mathematics department who gave up their weekend to plan and deliver a phenomenal ‘Maths Camp’ at Kingswood activity centre.

Staffing changes and opportunities.

This is ‘transfer season’ for teaching staff looking to secure promotion or alternative challenges for September. Staff retention is a key priority for me so I don’t envisage much movement but our school numbers are growing and our staff continue to improve and become ‘sought after’ by other schools; we are always interested in meeting with potential new employees (both teaching and non-teaching staff).  If anyone has any contacts with potential new staff who would add value to our children and work within our RITA values (Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Aspiration) please contact Ashleigh Morgan (HR) on or me for a discussion about possible opportunities.

We have already been successful in recruitment over the past few weeks. We have appointed two new Senior Leaders; Mr N Humphreys has been appointed as Vice Principal for Standards and Achievement and Mr M Crinnion has been appointed Vice Principal for Personal Development.  Both Vice Principals will join us after the Year 11 examinations.  Mr Humphreys, a local resident, joins us with a significant amount of senior leadership experience from a very large, successful school and will replace Mrs L Singleton, who retires at the end of the academic year.  Mr Crinnion has a pastoral background, leading year groups and will focus on Inclusion and personalised learning across the school.  We have also appointed an incredible new Head of Physical Education, Mr C Beckley and like all of our other professional recruits, he has shown integrity and will join us after his Year 11 students have completed their examinations.  In addition, you will be pleased to hear that we have been very successful in securing an amazing, whole new Computing and ICT department.

Positive feedback from candidates and the local authority

I am extremely proud of our school, staff and students; the overwhelmingly positive feedback received by candidates, from ‘Good and Outstanding’ schools during the recent recruitment processes, the genuine compliments received about the pleasant and friendly ethos from students and staff, lack of disruption around the school and engagement by students was extremely satisfying.  We have improved hugely and it is reassuring that other experienced professionals, from credible schools and academies are attempting to swap their working environments to work with us for the better.  That said, we still have further improvements to make and are relentless in our efforts to secure the best experiences for your children. 

In addition, we have also had a one day ‘visit’ from the Kirklees School Improvement Officer.  The report is very positive about the changes made to the school and the quality of education our students are presently receiving. Some of the highlights include:

“Tracking is strong across the school”

“Behaviour around school was calm and controlled, behaviour on the staircases was orderly and safe”

“Staff presence is strong but purposeful and friendly”

“All core middle leaders are very impressive professionals”

“When addressed (students) they were articulate, polite and very mature in their manner”.

“The Principal has his staff on board and is beginning to see the impact of everyone working together”

“Impressive initial overview of the school and how it has clearly progressed over the year”

As always, please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have anything that you wish to discuss; together we are stronger #nolimits.  I am proud of our school and our community.

Yours sincerely

Mr J Christian