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Principal's latest letter to parents

6th February 2019

Dear Parent/Carer,

As we are experiencing some cold, snowy and icy weather at the moment I thought I would remind and inform new parents/carers of our methods for communication.

We will always endeavour to open the school and remain open for the full day.  We have regular contact with the bus companies and will share and update you with any information via the school website and the text message system.  For this reason, please ensure you always let us know of any changes to your mobile number.

During icy and snowy conditions the footwear rule may be relaxed and you will be informed via text message in advance.  If at other times you wish for your son / daughter to travel to and from school in footwear that doesn’t comply with our school uniform rules then please send them with appropriate footwear that can be worn whilst inside the school building.

If there is an occasion when snow falls heavily, the school will remain open, but if you have any concerns I would ask that you avoid calling the school, as the phone lines can become ‘clogged’ up but rather email the school office at  At these times, more support staff will be deployed to these areas to help respond to your queries promptly.

Please can I ask for your support in encouraging your child not to call home with a request to be picked up from school if they are feeling unwell.  Our Attendance Officer will call you if she believes it is necessary for your child to go home.  If your child has been vomiting, it is not necessary to keep him/her off school if the vomiting has stopped.  Only in severe cases where it is suspected that a transmittable virus may be passed on is this the case.

Student safety will always be paramount and I would like to remind students of what I wrote in my letter on the 29th November 2018 about ‘Stranger Danger’.  Please reinforce with your son/daughter the danger of talking to ‘strangers’ on the way to and from school.  We advise all our students, NEVER to accept a lift from someone they do not know.  We also emphasise the importance of walking home with a ‘friend’ or in a group, especially as the nights are getting darker.  We would be grateful if you could reinforce this message too.

The school had a visit from the Kirklees school improvement partner last week.  The visitor spent the full day observing lessons and student conduct, meeting leaders and students of the school and analysing internal data.  She was very impressed by the improvements made.  When speaking to some of our students, students said they feel safe and that teaching and behaviour continues to improve.  The visitor was quoted as saying “You have a very professional organisation, the leaders are very professional and strong.”  I await the report in writing but it was a very positive visit and a good measure of how far we have travelled.

Thank you for your continuing support, it is important that we work together; together we are stronger.

Yours sincerely

Mr J Christian