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Principal's latest letter

26th September 2018

Dear Parent / Carer,

I am delighted in the way in which our students and staff have started this new year. The climate in and around school is significantly different and much more positive than in previous years. I stand on duty daily and have pride in how our students are conducting themselves as they move around the building. I hold high expectations of all students and staff and I have been very proud to observe such a positive start to the year. The new staff that have been appointed have started with vigour and are working hard to establish strong relationships.

I expect students and staff to dress professionally and am very proud of our school and our school uniform. This is where I would like to ask for some additional support as we maintain this excellent start to the year. Where skirts are worn, I would like the length to be appropriate (just above the knee). I understand that different styles and brands vary but I don’t want students to be continually challenged about the length of their skirt, I just want them to learn and be happy, and for teachers to teach. Please can you support us in avoiding this unnecessary challenge by ensuring skirts are worn at a professional length; I also expect this from members of staff. In addition, I would like to reiterate that facial piercings are not allowed and must be removed before entering the school.

The quality of food served and delivered by our restaurant staff is excellent and our students deserve a good eating experience. We did make some changes to our lunch time arrangements prior to the summer to reduce the amount of movement and travel time around our school. As the winter months approach I will continue to monitor the student experience. The cost of a full school dinner will be increasing from £2.10 to £2.15 after the October Half Term Break. Please can we ask that you do not send students with nuts or nut snack bars in packed lunches or for snacks, this is for the safety of our students that have severe anaphylactic reactions to nuts and nut products.

Effective communication remains our focus and again I encourage you to contact your son’s/daughter’s form tutor if you have any questions or queries. Our school is moving forward at pace and together we are stronger.

Yours sincerely,

J. Christian (Mr)