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SPACE days

The 'SPACE' Programme (Social, Personal and Citizenship Education) is embedded into the tutor programme, assemblies and a dedicated SPACE lesson.

There is a half termly focus that is carefully mapped to ensure that statutory areas are covered and that students are provided with opportunities to explore the spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of society and to reflect on their own understanding of these aspects.  In addition, these are a vehicle for delivering Fundamental British Values, Personal Social and Health Education, Personal Finance and Careers Information Advice and Guidance, and aspects of Citizenship. 

Alongside the tutor programme, assemblies and dedicated SPACE Lesson, three times per year there is a 'SPACE Day'. SPACE Day is a 'drop down' day when students do not follow a regular timetable, but have the opportunity to work as a Form on a number of different topics linked to an overall theme for the day.  This assists in developing a community ethos within the Form, and within the Year Group.  The day usually includes the involvement of external providers, and a motivational speaker. 

Whilst we do plan specific topics for these days, they also allow us to react to concerns voiced from within our community, including students, staff, parents, governors and the local community.  The first SPACE Day, held on Thursday 24th November, was on the topic of Positive and Negative Risk, and minimising negative consequences linked to risk.