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Student Leadership

We believe Student Voice is vital at Colne Valley High School to ensure the students contribute to their learning environment.

Whilst student voice is employed throughout tutor time and lessons, the formal structure of School Parliament has been established.

School Parliament

All tutor group members elect two representatives to their Year Council and from this, three students per year group are selected to speak for them at School Parliament. School Parliament meetings are held half termly and all representatives are encouraged to collect their tutor groups’ opinions and feelings on a range of topics related to both school and student life.

Everything from school lunches to rewards policy to improving the school and surrounding community will be discussed. What our students say is extremely important to us and our teachers feedback and act on their suggestions and opinions.

In July, all students have the opportunity to put themselves forward to be a Year Council Representative. Within the School Parliament, certain roles and responsibilities will be available for students to apply for. Students will be selected for these roles via a ’hustings’ and General Election process. Members of the School Parliament will also be assigned to different focus groups. For example, Ministry of the Treasury deals with the budget given to the School Parliament for school projects. The Ministry of Education where students feedback on Teaching and Learning across the school; The Ministry of Communication where students help develop the school website and promotional materials.

School Parliament Meetings

  • Full Year schedule of Council and Parliament Meetings
  • Publication of ‘The Voice of School Parliament’ (a leaflet which is discussed by every tutor group)
  • Feedback to the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Actions are reported in the next cycle of meetings.

Young School Leaders and Prefects:

Students can apply for the role of 'Young School Leader in Year 10', and 'Prefect in Year 11'. Being accepted for the role is regarded as an honour, and shows how highly the school community values the efforts of that student as a role model to others.

Students wishing to apply for the role of YSL or Prefect will write a letter of application. This needs to state why they feel they should be considered for the role, how they contribute to the school community, and how they would work to improve the school including ideas for development. In addition, students will identify a specific role they feel they would like to undertake from the ’YSL and Prefect Careers Paper’. These are clearly defined roles for YSL and Prefects throughout the school. For example, Prefect for Humanities who would assist the faculty with displays, resources and specific Engage Evenings/Open evenings.

YSL are recognised within school by a specific badge, with Prefects being awarded the Prefect Tie.

From the successful applicants, a small group of Senior Prefects are selected, followed by the Head Boy and Head Girl, and Deputy Head Boy and Girl.

Further information about Student Leadership and the School Parliament, can be downloaded here.