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Uniform and school equipment

School uniform

The uniform of a school makes a huge statement to the local community, colleges and future employers. High standards of uniform underpin every other standard in school and sets an ethos of professionalism, self-respect and equality. We recommend that all items have each student's name on.

All students are required to wear the school uniform as follows:

Uniform Notes to clarify what is and isn't allowed
Claret 'Trutex' blazer This must be a blazer with the school badge
Skirt / trousers Plain grey

We recommend Trutex Trousers

Full length, not cropped, leggings or jeggings

No zips, patch pockets or studs

White shirt This must be tucked into the waist band with the top button fastened.
Clip on tie

Each year group has its own tie - link below

Year group ties 2020/2021


Prefects have a special tie to wear

Black/grey socks or tights 

Tights should be opaque

Black leather or leather-look shoes.

Shoes must have no sports  branding.

Ankle boots are acceptable.

Trainers, canvas shoes, pumps or boots that sit above the ankle are not allowed

To download further information about uniform please see the links below

What to wear when indoors

All outdoor items of clothing should be removed whilst inside the school buildings. This includes coats, hoodies, body warmers, hats and scarves.

What to wear for PE

Our PE kits consists of:

Students PE Kit and expectations
Boys in all year groups

Claret/Gold reversible rugby shirt

Claret/Gold Polo Shirt with the CVHS badge

Half-zip fleece with CVHS badge can be worn for outdoor lessons only

Plain black shorts or, for outdoor PE, black track suit bottoms 

Plain black football socks

Plain black "skins" may also be worn


Studded football boots to use on Astro Turf pitch (all year round)

Girls in all year groups

Half-zip fleece with CVHS badge can be worn for outdoor lessons only 

Claret/Gold polo shirt with the CVHS badge

Plain black shorts or skirt or, for outdoor PE, black track suit bottoms / leggings

Plain black knee length socks


Studded football boots to use on Astro Turf pitch (all year round)

Please note:

  • Pumps are not deemed as appropriate footwear for PE lessons as they do not provide suitable support and injuries can occur.
  • ALL students who are excused from PE with a note are expected to bring their correct PE kit, get changed and take on the role of coach, official, group leader etc as appropriate.

Jewellery, Hair and makeup:

Hair must be of a natural colour and style.

Unnecessary jewellery should not be worn for safety reasons. Single ear studs are permitted but must be removed for PE lessons. No other piercings are allowed.

No excessive makeup should be worn. Any student found to be wearing excessive makeup (this includes nail varnish) will be required to remove it. False nails are not permitted and should be removed.

School equipment:
To ensure that students are prepared for learning in every lesson, every day, it is essential that they have the correct equipment. All students are provided with a new school planner at the start of the academic year.  This must be treated as a 'best book' and be available for checking by Form Tutors, Achievement Coordinators, Senior Leaders and parents.

Students will need to bring the following items to school:

  • A sturdy school bag (large enough for an A4 folder) in which the following equipment as well as PE kit, will fit.
    • student planner (issued by school)
    • at least 2 black pens and 2 purple pens  
    • pencil
    • eraser
    • ruler (15cm or 30cm)
    • English dictionary
    • languages dictionary (appropriate to the language being studied)
    • scientific calculator
    • pair of compasses
    • protractor

Students are not required, or permitted, to bring the following to school:

  • corrective fluid or similar
  • permanent markers
  • oversize novelty stationery e.g. pencils, pens
  • toys

Students who do not arrive to school or lessons with the correct equipment will have the opportunity to purchase items. Students are not allowed to bring some items in to school.  If students choose not to comply, they will be sanctioned in accordance with the Personal Development system.

Mobile phones and other electronic devices
Whilst we understand that students will bring mobile technology to school it is important to emphasise that school and lessons are places to learn. Therefore, mobile phones or any other electronic devices (including ear or headphones) should be switched-off from walking through the school gates until they leave after school. They should not be seen or heard in any classroom or around the building during the school day. 

Failure to comply with this rule will result in the electronic device being confiscated. On the first and second occasions, the device will be confiscated until it can be picked up at the end of the day by the student.  If the device is confiscated for a third time, the device will be kept until it can be collected by a parent / carer.