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You said.....we did.....

We are proud of the quality of education we provide at CVHS - but we know that there are always things that we can improve. 

You said: improving communication was a priority. 

Therefore we have: set up the following - 

  • CVHS Parent Feedback Survey: which is open all year round and monitored regularly
  • Student Voice Programme: taking place at a set time  in the year for each year group
  • Parent Voice Programme: asked parents / carers to share views on parents' evenings, consultation events through online questionnaires available on IPADs throughout the meetings
  • Regular Letters from the Principal: with text alerts
  • Reports home to parents: three times a year, to let you know how well your child is learning
  • Stickers in planners: to update you on key information for your child
  • Texts and phone calls home: to confirm any key meetings / detentions for your child
  • Email addresses for all staff: simplified naming system so you can always contact teachers
  • Enquiries email address: to allow any message to reach school and be passed on to staff
  • Diary dates: all key events and meetings are uploaded on the website
  • Events App for mobile phones - parents can see what is happen on their own phones, anytime
  • Twitter feed on the website: to update you on the many events experienced by, and achievements of, students

You said: Could we do anything more to ensure students felt even more safe in school

What we did:

  • We added a motorised front gate with entry only to permitted individuals.  The gate is closed throughout the school day. Visitors on foot or in cars have to buzz to reception to gain entry to the school grounds.
  • We include questions about feeling safe on all our surveys for students and parents
  • We discuss feeling and being safe with students in assemblies, form time and on SPACE days

Listening to students, parents and staff:

Through the planned programme of student voice, parent voice and staff voice, we will hear your views and commit to responding to them. The academic year feedback program can be found here.

In addition, the CVHS Parent Feedback Survey is open all year round and we welcome responses from all parents / carers.

Please use this link to complete the CVHS Parent Feedback Survey.

School Parliament

During Autumn Term, School Parliament will be asking all students for the 'hot issues' to be discussed.  Members of School Parliament, representing Years 7 to 11,  presented assemblies to all year groups in autumn term. In spring term they will visit all tutor groups to update them on activities undertaken, including:

- community hampers

- student voice survey