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Assessment: Creating Futures 2020

Creating Futures is our cycle of reporting subject assessment data to parents.

Our Creating Futures cycle aims to:

  • Use reliable and valid assessments that test whether students are meeting the demands of our curriculum
  • Provide timely data to students, parents and teachers than can be used to support and challenge our young people to improve

Creating Futures at Key Stage 3

At key stage 3, students will sit cumulative assessments at the end of each half term in all subjects. At each Creating Futures reporting period, subject areas will report the percentage score that a student has achieved to parents. The average percentage in that assessment across the year group, plus whether the student has performed to expectations is also reported.

Teachers will also report an Attitude to Learning (ATL grade).

Creating Futures at Key Stage 4

Year 10

In year 10, students will be given a target grade. Through year 10 we will continue to report cumulative percentage scores, plus whether our teachers believe that our students are on track to meet their target based on these assessments
In the summer term of year 10, students will sit Pre-Public Exams (PPEs) across most subjects. These exams will be used to report a current GCSE grade during the last Creating Futures reporting period of the academic year
Teachers will also report an Attitude to Learning (ATL grade).

Year 11

In year 11, we will continue to report GCSE current grades to parents across all 4 of our Creating Futures reporting periods. In addition, year 11 will receive a predicted grade at the end of term 1 to assist in their post 16 applications.

Teachers will also report an Attitude to Learning (ATL grade).


Below you can see what we report at each Creating Futures data period for each year group


Year Group

CF1a (HT1)

CF1 (HT2)

CF2 (HT4)

CF3 (HT6)

Year 7

ATL ATL / % ATL / % ATL / %

Year 8

ATL ATL / % ATL / % ATL / %

Year 9


ATL / %

Option Information

ATL / %

Year 10

ATL ATL / % ATL / % ATL / PPE Grade

Year 11

Current Grade

ATL / PPE Grade

Predicted Grade


Current Grade


Student Monitoring and Reporting to Parents

Everybody at CVHS is aspirational for every single student and wants them to achieve their very best.

We have high expectations of all students and closely monitor academic and personal progress in every year group, over the year.


Working together for student success

All parents / carers are welcome to contact school to discuss any concerns regarding their child's learning in school.

  • email:
  • phone: 01484 848680
  • ask for: Form Tutor, Achievement Coordinator or a specific subject teacher

For further information about 'Creating Futures', please contact Mr N Humphreys, Vice Principal: Standards and Achievement (