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Full closure

If heavy snow falls overnight, the Senior Leadership Team in conjunction with the Site Team will assess the risks associated with opening and consider the ability of staff to be able to get into work (accepting that many staff travel long distances) to provide full duty of care to our students. The School will aim to notify parents and carers at the earliest opportunity. 

This situation will mean that the site is inaccessible and the School will do its utmost to ensure that it is open again as soon as possible. Please review the policy below regarding unexpected school closure;

School Policy and Procedures in the Event of Severe Weather

Parents will be informed about closure through one of the following methods:

♦ The School website

♦ Kirklees website:

♦ Kirklees twitter @KirkleesWinter

♦ An email using Arbor - please ensure parental email addresses are up to date

♦ A text message  Arbor - please ensure parental mobile phone numbers are up to date

♦ The School’s Twitter account @ColneValleyHigh

♦ Local radio: Radio Leeds

Partial day opening

  • As a school, we understand the inconvenience and stress that an early closure can cause for both parents and students and as such, the decision is never taken lightly. 

  • The decision must always take into account a number of factors, some of which may not necessarily appear to be obvious to all concerned.

  • For example, very localised weather can impact on travel to specific areas while other areas may appear to be less affected.

  • The number one priority will always be the safety of our students and this will take precedence in any decision making.

  • Lessons may start for everyone later in the morning to ensure all students and staff can travel safely to the School.

  • Specific arrangements will be posted on the website, via text message and on Twitter.

  • The School would still be open for those arriving earlier than the posted late start time. 

  • We may open the school to specific year groups. This may be because not all staff are able to get into work.

  • In this case students who should attend would be prioritised.

  • Students involved with examination courses will be given priority.

  • National examinations will continue if scheduled.

Early Closure

In the unlikely event of a closure, school will always follow the procedure below; 

  • Students will be sent to form rooms where they will be supervised by their form tutor.
  • Students will be asked if they have had confirmation from you, for example via text that they have been given permission to leave at the amended finish time. The mobile number will be checked against school records.
  • For students who do not have access to a mobile phone, parents will be contacted by their form tutor using a school phone.
  • At the amended finish time, students with permission will be allowed to leave.
  • Students without permission will be held in school until permission is granted to leave earlier or the end of the school day.
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will students be allowed to leave before the amended finish time and in such circumstances this will only be authorised if a parent physically picks up a child from the school.
  • We will NOT allow parents/relatives of other students to collect your child UNLESS you have given permission via a text message to your child or a telephone call to school and the person is able to provide the child's date of birth.
  • Parents/carers should only come to the School to collect their children if they have received an email, text or phone call asking them to do so.
  • Parents/Carers will be sent an email or text message to notify them of the decision and a link to more information on the school website (please ensure school always has up-to-date numbers and email addresses)

Please support us by working with us to allow this to be put in place effectively. Contacting the school unnecessarily places additional demands on reception and the staff who are working hard to ensure that systems are put in place to deal with the closure, keeping your child as safe as possible. Students will always be kept warm and dry within school, giving time for alternative arrangements to be made. Please be aware that not all bus services will run to their usual route and therefore it is extremely important that you arrange possible alternatives ways of getting home

Other Emergency Closures

Unfortunately, there may be times when it will be necessary to close the School due to failure of services (i.e. water, electricity) or health issues at which time the same procedures will be followed as above for full or partial closure