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Please use the information on this page to assist with reading your child's Creating Futures Report.

Achievement Report - Key Stage 3

Your child will have recently sat assessments across their subjects areas. They will be provided with a progress code, which has been calculated compared to students of similar starting points. The starting points for Year 7 have been calculated from their SAT results. Year 8 & 9 starting points have been calculated from baseline assessments sat at the start of Year 7 and/or Year 8. 

Attitude to Learning 

We expect students to be 'Independent' or 'Engaged' learners, and we track and recognise students with positive learning behaviours. If your child has a 'Coasting' or 'Unacceptable' in a subject area you will also see a reason as to why this is e.g. Class Learning, Home Learning or Behaviour. Please see the below link for an explanation of the learning behaviour criteria;

ATL Guide 2023-24

Topics Assessed at Creating Futures

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9  

Year 10 

Year 11 (Updated Dec 2023)