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2024 Curriculum Statement


Core Values

Our curriculum is underpinned by our core values of: Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Aspiration (RITA)


Curriculum Intent

Colne Valley High School is the first purpose built comprehensive school in the North of England, and our mission now is the same as it was when it opened in 1956; to ensure all students leave us with the opportunity to lead happy, fulfilling and successful lives. 

We know that central to this mission is our curriculum.  

Our knowledge rich curriculum is coherently sequenced to provide all pupils with the core knowledge, skills and cultural capital needed for future learning and employment. It is informed by evidence to help students know more, and remember more over time. 

The curriculum is challenging and inclusive to meet the personal development needs of all students.


Subject Curriculum Intents and 5 Year Overview


Curriculum Intent - Maths

5 Year Overview - Maths


Curriculum Intent - English

5 Year Overview - English


Curriculum Intent - Science

5 Year Overview - Science


Curriculum Intent - History

5 Year Overview - History


Curriculum Intent - Geography

5 Year Overview - Geography

Computer Science

Curriculum Intent - Computer Science

5 Year Overview - Computer Science

Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Intent - Modern Foreign Languages

5 Year overview - Modern Foreign Languages

Business Studies

Curriculum Intent - Business Studies

5 Year Overview - Business Studies

Design and Technology

Curriculum Intent - Design and Technology

5 Year Overview - Design and Technology

Expressive Arts

Curriculum Intent - Expressive Arts

5 Year Overview - Art

5 Year Overview - Drama and Performing Arts

5 Year Overview - Music

Media Studies

Curriculum Intent - Media Studies

Physical Education

Curriculum Intent - Physical Education

5 Year Overview - Physical Education