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Please find some useful information about exams that may help answer any questions you have. 

Before the exams

When will I get my statement of entry?

You will receive your statement of entry usually around Easter time. It is important to check all the details are correct including subjects entered for and the tiers. Please also check the name that is displayed as this is what will be used by the exam boards for any certificates printed. 

What do I do if there is an error on my statement of entry?

Discuss any errors you think have been made with your Form Tutor or the relevant subject teacher who will inform the Examinations Officer. 

What will happen if there is a clash on my timetable? 

If you have exams that clash, these will be re-scheduled to ensure that new times are given on your final timetable. The exams will wherever possible take place on the same day. You will remain under supervision between the two papers. If you have any questions about any clashes please see the Examinations Officer.

On the exam day 

What happens if I am ill on the day of the exam?

If you are unwell and cannot attend, you must inform school immediately by contacting the Examinations Officer or your Head of Year. Further documentation will need to be supplied, such as a doctors note.

Can my exam be taken on another day if I miss it?

No, the exams are scheduled by the exam boards so it is essential that you turn up on the correct day and time stated on your timetable. As mentioned above, if you are ill on the day and cannot attend you will need to provide evidence of this, for e.g. a doctors note. 

What happens if I am late for my exam?

If you are going to be late you must ring the school immediately and speak to the Examinations Officer. On arrival you must report to reception where the Examinations Officer will be notified and further instructions given. Depending on how late you are, the appropriate arrangements will be made however in some cases it may not be possible to sit the exam so please make sure you allow extra time on your journey.

What if I have forgotten what seat I am in?

Outside the exam room you will be able to check the seating plan however if you are still unsure please ask an invigilator. 

What equipment will I need to bring for my exam?

Each candidate should have their own equipment which includes a black pen, pencil, ruler and mathematics equipment. This must be in a clear pencil case and if using a calculator the lid needs to be removed. 

Can I go to the toilet during an exam?

Please make sure that you have been before the exam takes place as you will not be allowed to leave unless you have a medical/toilet pass. If you do have any medical conditions that we are unaware of then please let the Examinations Officer know so we can accommodate your needs.

Can I take a drink into the exam room with me?

A bottle of water is allowed however it must be in a clear bottle with the label removed.

What happens if the fire alarm goes off during my exam?

You must follow instructions from the invigilator. If we need to evacuate you will be asked to close your paper and leave this and any equipment behind. You will then be escorted out of the building still remaining under exam conditions. There must be no contact with each other as this could mean disqualification. Once allowed back in to the building, the exam will continue and any time lost will be added on to the end. The Examinations Officer will then contact the relevant exam board to inform them of the disruption.

If I finish my exam early will I be able to leave?

No, you must remain seated until the exam finishes. Exam conditions must be adhered to until all the papers have been collected and you have been dismissed. 


I have lost my certificates, what do I do?

Firstly, contact the school as we may still have these if you didn't collect them. If they are definitely lost then you will need to contact the relevant exam board to get a certified statement of results. Please see below the contact information for each exam board:

Exam Board Website Contact Number
AQA  0800 197 7162
Pearson (Edexcel)  0844 463 2535
OCR  01223 553 998
WJEC  02920 265 000

If you need any help or support please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing  and a member of the exams team will respond to your query.