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Governing Body Attendance

Governing Body member attendance is noted at every meeting. A summary of meeting attendance can be found below:

Local Governing Board Meetings 2018/19

-   not in role

⁄   present

A  apologies given

X absent without apologies


Local Governing Board Members

27/09/2018 24/01/2019 06/06/2019


(Extra-ordinary meeting)

Mrs L Barker
Mr J Christian
Mrs C Govan
Mr G Thornton A A
Mrs J Ryan
Mrs E Borg A A A A
Mrs K Mills
Mr M Noble
Ms G Lamble A Resigned -
Mr C Sykes -
Mr M Davies - A
Mrs A Barnes - -
Mrs K Brennan - -



Local Governing Board Members 

02/11/2017 18/01/2018


(Extra-ordinary meeting)

Mrs L Barker
Mrs T Haley - - - -
Mr M Pheasey A - A A
Mrs J Ryan
Mr G Thornton A
Mrs E Borg A A
Mr J Christian 
Mr C Govan
T Greaves A - - -
Ms K Mills
Mr M Noble
Mrs J Perkins A - -
Miss K Skivington A Resigned -
Miss G Lamble - -