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Home Academy Partnership Agreement

Updated June 2023

The Home Academy Partnership Agreement is available to sign electronically via the parent portal app on Arbor. By consenting to this agreement, every student, and their parent / carer(s), starts school showing the commitment to working together to support student success. 

Students will;

  • attend the Academy regularly and on time
  • move calmly and sensibly around the Academy, keeping to the one-way system
  • always be willing to learn and follow the Academy’s Code of Conduct rules
  • bring a bag and all the equipment I need every day (please refer to the equipment section in the planner)
  • wear the Academy uniform in the correct way
  • take great care of my student planner, entering all my home learning and achievements and show it to my parents to be signed each week
  • work hard and do all my home learning to the highest possible standard
  • take care of the Academy and its environment
  • avoid making unnecessary noise
  • ensure that any part-time work or activities do not interfere with my studies or commitments to the Academy
  • agree not to use social media in a derogatory fashion towards individuals or the Academy
  • remain in my seat according to the teacher’s seating plan
  • be silent when someone else is talking
  • ensure that my mobile phone or other electronic devices and accessories are not seen or heard between 8.40am-3.10pm
  • above all, treat others, their work and equipment with respect

Parents/Carers will;

  • see that my son/daughter attends the Academy regularly, on time, in uniform and properly equipped
  • set aside some time for listening and talking to my son/daughter and encourage in him/her a positive attitude to the Academy
  • support the Academy’s policies and guidelines for promoting positive behaviour
  • support my son/daughter in home learning and other opportunities for home learning
  • take an active interest in my son/daughter’s life at the Academy, check his/her student planner each week
  • attend parents’ evenings
  • keep the Academy informed of any circumstances, concerns or problems that may affect my son/daughter’s performance or wellbeing in the Academy
  • agree not use social media sites in a derogatory fashion towards individuals or the Academy
  • agree to follow the Academy’s published policy procedures in the event of a complaint

The Academy will;

  • care for your son/daughter’s safety and happiness
  • try to ensure that your son/daughter achieves his/her full potential as a valued member of the Academy’s community
  • provide a balanced curriculum which aims to meet the individual requirements of your son/daughter
  • promote high standards of work and behaviour through building good relationships, developing a sense of responsibility and developing learning skills
  • keep you informed about general Academy matters and about your son/daughter’s progress in particular via his/her student planner, letters home, website, texts, emails, reports and parents’ evenings
  • be open and welcoming at all times
  • not tolerate violence or bullying/cyber-bullying in or out of the Academy and deal with any such incidents appropriately