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Home Learning

Home Learning is set to support all students in making progress.

Throughout the academic year home learning at CVHS will focus on the development of mastery techniques to best prepare all students for linear examinations. The home learning will be purposeful and high quality for all students in all subject areas, which will be consistently set and appropriate feedback given.

Purpose of home learning

  • Develop the mastery and memorisation techniques needed for linear examinations.
  • Develop cross-curricular study skills.
  • Encourage students to develop the practice of independent learning.
  • Learn lifelong study habits.
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Develop perseverance and self-discipline in work habits.
  • Consolidate and reinforce skills learned.
  • Extend learning.
  • Support the teaching and learning process.

The role of a class teacher in home learning

For each piece of home learning we need to ensure it is recorded in the student planner and that a record is kept of the home learning issued in the teacher's planning. Home learning is to be set by most subjects once a week. Subject taught less than three lessons over Weeks A and B will set fortnightly homework. We are able to set other home learning tasks in addition to the rota but it must be seen as purposeful, meaningful and valued. Feedback may range from formal marking and assessment to the use of home learning to inform whole class discussion.

How parents / carers can help with home learning

Home learning will be recorded in the Student Planner.  By reviewing the planner with your son / daughter, and setting the clear expectation that home learning is prioritised, and to be completed to a good standard, you are supporting them to develop a positive attitude to learning alongside helping to ensure they are well prepared for their next lesson. 

Home Learning: The Expectations

The Academy believes that the intrinsic value of home learning activities is more important than the precise amount of time devoted to them. As a minimum, staff follow the home learning setting approach described above.  In some subjects,  it may be used by identifying the focus or technique for the fortnight with home learning activities to be covered in that time. Teachers must give at least 2 nights to complete a home learning activity.


Tools to support learning and revision

We are often asked for ideas or tools students can use to help learn key facts - particularly for examination revision. The links below provide a few suggestions - though are not an exclusive list of the techniques students use in school.