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What a year! It has been over 12 months since year 7, 8 and 9 have done any practical work in Design and Technology. Last week saw the first of many food practical lessons taking place.  The enticing smells of fresh scones, bread and pasta salad have been wafting through the corridor of c block once again.  Both staff and students have been excited to cook again and I know some staff felt quite emotional during their first practical lesson.

Year 7 have enjoyed making scones and pasta salad this week. They have performed really well, listening to instructions, following health and safety rules and producing tasty and eye-catching food. They have done a brilliant job of being well prepared and organised for the practical lessons. It has been a real joy to see the smiles of enjoyment on the faces of our year 7s and the fun they have had cooking for the first time.  Long may it continue!

Mrs Williams

Head of Design Technology

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