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Mr James Christian




I am immensely proud to lead the Colne Valley High School. I have thoroughly enjoyed my three years as Principal of the school and am proud of the progress that the school has made during this time.

I am a very child-centred leader and embrace the school ethos which places the student at the centre of everything that we do. I like to consider myself a very loyal and committed person who holds strong values and ethics. The school RITA values of: Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Aspiration are integral to climate of the school. These values are promoted and explored throughout our daily routines and form a significant focus during staff recruitment.

The Colne Valley High School has a huge responsibility to ensure that our students leave the school fully equipped to work, live and contribute positively within our local community. I take this responsibility very seriously and want to help the community and local businesses develop too.

It can be a cliche, but I genuinely want all children and staff to be the best version of themselves. Happy and confident students and members of staff are successful and that is our aim: be the best that you can be. I am enormously proud of the Wellbeing support available to our students and staff, everybody needs some level of support and holistic health is important. I attempt to provide opportunities for the whole school to access support as and when they require.

Colne Valley High School is a fabulous school in the heart of a wonderful community. Parents and carers are extremely important to us as together we are stronger.


I am determined to ensure that all stakeholders uphold the highest levels of respect for all individuals within our community. I want all students, staff, parents and carers to be respectful of: one another; the reputation of the school; and of the local area. In addition, I require students and staff to be respectful of the environment in which we work and learn, and to be respectful of all visitors to the school.


I pride myself on holding a high moral compass to ensure all decisions are made with the best interests of our young people in mind. In return, I expect all stakeholders to hold the same values, and to ensure that all learners have the best opportunities to learn. All students must embrace the 'Behaviour for Learning' system and follow it effectively to ensure the outcomes of any other individual within our community are not adversely affected. I aspire to lead an organisation enriched with individuals who act with integrity in all that they do.

Team Work

It is essential that the school works closely with students, parents/carers, and the wider community, if our young people are to achieve the best possible outcomes. All stakeholders have a responsibility to ensure that these relationships are strong and communication is effective.


Recent research shows a direct correlations between the levels of aspiration and student outcomes. Where a student and their parents/carers hold high levels of aspiration the higher the student outcomes are at the end of Year 11. Student outcomes are greatest when these levels of aspiration are also matched by the school. Therefore, it is essential that we all work closely together and develop high levels of aspiration of our young people if we want them to 'Be The Best That They Can Be'. The research also highlights the importance that we, as adults, hold high expectations of our learners. When aspiration is high alongside realistic expectation, then the learner is more likely to better achieve. We all need to show pride in ourselves, our work, our school and our community and celebrate the success that we have. I am extremely proud to lead Colne Valley High School and want you and our learners to hold the same levels of pride.

Thank you for taking the time to read this welcome message and thank you, in advance, for your support. 

Yours faithfully

Mr J Christian