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Examinations, tests and assessments are a feature of school life - and provide opportunities for students to show their learning and find out where their strength lie and areas in which they need to work harder, or differently, to do better.

Key to performing well in examinations is to invest time and effort, every lesson, to learn.  Over time, the skills and knowledge learnt can then be revised ready for that examination moment.  Students who learn in class and also learn to revise what they already know are the ones who achieve the best.

Year 10 and 11 students will experience Pre-Public Examinations (PPE) prior to sitting their final exams.  These will ensure they are practised in knowing what is required, equipment that is needed or banned, and how to manage their time, working under examination conditions.  They will also experience receiving formal examination results - even if only as a practice - prior to their final examinations.

PPE examinations take place late during autumn term, and results are presented at the start of spring term.