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Teaching and Learning

Everyone exceptional. Every Day.

We aim to ensure all students  reach their full potential through their own hard work, supported by outstanding teaching and learning. We achieve this, within classrooms and the wider school environment, by focusing on, and embracing, core values of Respect, Integrity, Team work and Aspiration.

CVHS staff have a consistent approach to the structure of their lessons, ensuring students have a high quality diet of education across their subjects throughout their time at school.

To enable our students to make excellent progress and achieve their full potential we challenge them on a daily basis to improve their numeracy, literacy and communicative skills as a thread throughout all subjects.

To ensure the best education staff at CVHS also work as a team with parents, through home learning, to further embed the skills and knowledge that they gain within the classroom.

We encourage our students to be aspirational in all areas by setting high expectations and providing feedback and support to achieve through the Creating Futures program. Creating Futures approach ensures that students are challenged to reach their full potential and, together with parents / carers, understand the importance of a 'no limits' culture in which striving to fulfil personal and academic ambition is the norm.

We believe that all staff and students have the capacity to improve and the right to a high quality learning programme to achieve that. We have a personalised multi layered Continual Professional Development program in place for all staff.

2018/19 Continual Professional Development (CPD)

CPD Whole School

Weekly training sessions

Initial teacher training programme

Weekly training sessions

Newly qualified teacher programme

9 sessions over the year

Recently qualified teacher programme

9 sessions over the year

School leaders' programme

Fortnightly group meetings

Monthly training sessions

Responsive teacher programme

Sessions over the year

Reflective teacher programme

Sessions over the year


Personalised programmes

Routines training

Sessions over the year

Personalised programmes

15 minute forums

Weekly sessions


If you would like any further information please get in contact with our Vice Principal for Teaching and Learning: Donna Watkins (