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Colne Valley High School

Everyone exceptional, every day.

Welcome to Colne Valley High School, a school that is proud of its history and principles.  Founded in 1956, our school was one of the first schools in England and Wales to be built as a true comprehensive school.  The aims of the school and the principles of a comprehensive education are as strong today as they were over 50 years ago.

We are a large school sitting at the heart of the Colne Valley, an area of outstanding beauty whose culture and traditions are rich and diverse.

We pride ourselves on the way we nurture the talents of individuals, whether this is academically or through sport, music or the arts.  The breadth of our extra-curricular programme provides outstanding opportunities for every student to achieve success. 

Our ethos is one of high aspiration.  Everyone, every student and every member of staff, can be exceptional, every day.

There is much to be celebrated at Colne Valley High School, which became an academy after joining The MFG Academies Trust.  The last 18 months have brought about immense change at our school, which launched as a brand new school on 1st September 2014, with refreshed values and the highest of standards.  We are dedicated to preparing the next generation of leaders:  Leaders of industry; innovators in science and technology; leaders in the arts and music and our sports personalities of the future. 

Colne Valley High School is taking all that is good from its past and has now taken its first steps towards the recognition it deserves. We care for our students and we care about their futures. By creating an exceptional place for learning, we are creating futures.

Interim CEO /  Executive Principal: Mr J Christian  

Chair of the Local Governing Body: Mrs K Brennan

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